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Ignotus (Iggy) Drægönhėart

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Ignotus (Iggy) Drægönhėart

Post by Iggy Drægönhėart on Wed Jan 14, 2015 6:56 pm

Name: Ignotus (Iggy) Drægönhėart
Birthday: May 6th
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Nationality/Heritage: Unknown
Blood-status: Muggle born
Sexual orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Married

House: Gryffindor
Wand: Fir, unicorn hair, 11 inches, quite bendy

Appearance: Somewhat tanned skin, narrow face
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 130
Build: Lanky, skinny
Eyes: Blue or golden
Hair: Styled blonde, curly hair

Markings: Werewolf bite mark scar on his right shoulder

Piercings: Left ear lobe

Tattoos: Flames on the back of his neck

Clothing style: Iggy's style depends on where he is. At home, he wears just a tanktop and sweat pants. He wears his wizarding robes to work. When he visits other people or goes out anywhere else, he typically dresses quite nice, occasionally even wearing suits.

Special abilities and skills: Iggy is a werewolf, and a fire elemental, which he believed to be similar to his mother's ability to speak with dragons. He has also been taught how to defend himself, thanks to his mother, although he isn't nearly as good as she is.

Hobbies: Exploring the woods, spending time with his family, experimenting with his abilities.

-Strong willed


Iggy was born to Raven. He didn't have a father, as no one knew how Raven had gotten pregnant, and although Iggy pretended not to care, the thought had always bothered him. However, other than that, the first few years of his life were perfect. He said his first word when he was four, but despite starting to talk late, he never shut up afterwards. Iggy loved being the only child; his entire family spoiled him, as he was the only child in his generation in his entire family. So far, at least. Iggy loved everything about his childhood, until he was nine years old.

He had been out in the woods, exploring, as he always did. He was armed with a knife and a bow. He didn't think that anything could hurt him. He was shockingly incorrect. He had sat beside a small water hole to eat his lunch. A werewolf found him, and although Iggy tried to run, he wasn't as fast as a wolf. The wolf tackled Iggy, biting into his right shoulder. Iggy managed to stab the dog's gut, and it ran away. Iggy rushed home to his family, and they immediately sent him to St. Mungo's. The healers did everything that they could, but they couldn't stop the inevitable. They explained to Iggy and his mother that he was a werewolf now, as well, and they explained to them how to deal with the new news.

After four full moons, Iggy was able to cope with his transformations. However, he was terrified about school. He was shockingly accepted into Hogwarts, but he was worried that the students would hate him. He was very wrong. He was sorted into Gryffindor (the hat had shouted before it touched Iggy's head), and he quickly made loads of friends. He was the class clown; the students loved him, the teachers couldn't stand him. He didn't tell anybody about his condition until his third year, when he told a very close group of friends. They were frightened at first, but then accepted Iggy for who he was. In his fifth year, Iggy met Bella Rose. They hadn't gotten along at first; Bella didn't like his attitude much. However, after awhile, they became friends, and then after that, they became more than friends. After they completed school, the two of them got married. Iggy got a job at Hogwarts as security. They recently had twins, a boy and a girl, named Skylar and Iggy Rose.
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