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Sigyn (Freya) Drægönhėart

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Sigyn (Freya) Drægönhėart

Post by Sigyn Drægönhėart on Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:33 pm

Name: Sigyn (Freya) Drægönhėart
Birthday: November 30
Age: 121
Gender: Female
Nationality/Heritage: Scottish
Blood-status: Pureblood
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Married

House: Slytherin
Wand: 12&1/2, Apple wood Dragon Heartstring Core with a Slight Spring
Patronus: Was a Wolf, Currently a Horse

Appearance: Elvish lookin
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 130
Build: Skinny Scuplted
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Hair: Straight, Thick White hair

Markings: Burned Shoulder, Scarred up back and a Scar from the Left Eye across to the Right Corner of the Lips
Piercings: Lobes, Both Tragus', Spider Bite
Tattoos: Dragon Crawling up Back from the Left Knee up the Thigh around the Hip and just over the Right Should and Neck
Clothing style: Hippy Chic

Special abilities and skills: A Dragon Lorde. Is in touch with the Air and Earth Elements. Communication with Dragons and Horses spilled over into all animals
Hobbies: Artistic Magic, Drawing, Reading and Star Gazing



Sigyn was born to the purest of blood, Elvish in origin. The Elvish Dragon Rider's were thought to be extinct but a new age came with the birth of Sigyn Lestrange. The lore of the Dragon's had been lost to the world of humans. The Elvish race only left traces of their magic in the trees, but it had been years before it was discovered and the birth of the Wizarding World began. 2000 years later Sigyn found she had the powers that her pureblood family: Dark Magic. Not until years later would she trace her lineage and find that she was a direct descent of the Teleri.

At the Age of 14, Her mother Bellatrix and Father Rudolphus abandoned her. They had taught her in the ways of Black magic and she proved to be quite adept at it. She finished at Hogwarts and was adopted by Nargle and Hachi. Their sense of justice and happiness was so different from what she had grown up with. She ended up having a twisted view of righteousness and goodness. She was an Auror but to get better results she spent her free time as the elusive and unknown Hand of Blood. She reigned terror through the Wizarding world. She would use torture and threats and death to get results. This would later come back to haunt her.

Going through school she had always been a part of Echo's life but in a small capacity. She always stayed in the shadows due to the ridicule of her peers, being the daughter of Death-Eaters still at large after the Dark Lord's fall. Echo, though had always been kind to her. She had liked her all through school and the 10 years she was away.

When she had a psychotic break down, Echo nursed her back to health and their bond grew into love, marriage and a large family. In that time she traced her lineage, connected with the dragon's, relearning the ways of old, melding her innate element of wind and learned skills of the Earth element with their element of fire. They became protectors, of wizard, muggle and creatures alike. Echo and her changed their last name into Drægönhėart and created a whole new life together.
Sigyn Drægönhėart
Sigyn Drægönhėart

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