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Amethyst Nyla Draegonheart (Emily Alice Stark)

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Amethyst Nyla Draegonheart (Emily Alice Stark)

Post by Amethyst Nyla on Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:40 pm

Name: Emily Alice Stark (before adoption) then Amethyst Nyla Draegonheart

Birthday: October 9, 1990

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Nationality/Heritage: She's a goddess, and has no nationality

Blood-Status: Pureblood

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single, eyes on a muggle

House: Slytherin

Wand: Phoenix feather, 13 ¾, apple, supple

Height: 5’4”

Build: Curvy

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Long, changes colors, usually dark brown with red highlights

Markings: A small scar under left eye, long scar on right ribcage

Piercings: an earlobe piercing, small lip piercing (diamond), and a small heart shaped nose piercing

Tattoos: music notes on her right ankle forming an anklet, masquerade mask on lower back, vintage key behind left earlobe, “we’re all mad here” with a cheshire cat smile on the upper back, a gang tattoo (not her fault, was forced onto her, to prove that she was theirs)

Clothing Style: muggle clothes, edgy but girly, lots of pink and black, bows, dresses, lots of zippers, lots of leather.

Special Abilities and Skills: She has a singing voice like an angel, plays multiple instruments, is a metamorphmagus, is really good at archery

Hobbies: Sings, dances, plays instruments, reads, writes, acts


Up until the age of 15, Amethyst was living in America, with her birth parents. She had the perfect life, until she went to Hogwarts. She is a pureblood metamorphmagus, and a goddess of time and music. The students of the other houses picked on her, for living in America and her metamorphmagus abilities (also about being a goddess). Amethyst had two brothers, and their names were Anthony and Timothy. Anthony was a Gryffindor when he was alive. Timothy ran away before he could go to Hogwarts.
  During Christmas break of her fifth year, her whole life was flipped upside down. Her family was killed at the hands of a gang, while they were walking to their apartment after they went to see a Broadway play. However, they spared Amethyst, and found Timothy. After they killed her family, the kidnapped Amethyst and made her do whatever they told her to do. They held her until her sixth year at Hogwarts. That is when Dumbledore went looking for her, and took her back to Hogwarts, and she got adopted by Nargle and Geo. From the time she was adopted, she finished school and got a job as a spy. She blames herself for the deaths of her family everyday. She is a troubled soul, and has committed many crimes against her will. They used her powers for evil (the gang made her stop time and lure victims in with her angellic voice to kill them).
 Amethyst hopes that she could settle down and have a nice life without worrying about the gang tracking her down. She also hopes that Timothy will find her again, and they can make up for lost time. Amethyst is planning on looking for a boyfriend.
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