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(Raven) Blood isn't always Family /Chpt 2/

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(Raven) Blood isn't always Family /Chpt 2/

Post by Sigyn Drægönhėart on Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:57 pm

Sigyn woke in her bed. The sun was streaming through the windows. Echo was no where to be seen. She was alone, and felt as if she had been brought through the ringer. 'What happened to me?' She thought as she brought her hand up to her head and winced. She had an awful headache. She carefully and slowly got up and headed towards the kitchen. Thinking that food maybe able to clear her mind.
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Re: (Raven) Blood isn't always Family /Chpt 2/

Post by Raven Willow Dragomir on Wed Feb 04, 2015 10:19 pm

Raven was in the kitchen when Sigyn walked in. The sun had just risen and it wasn't time for her to go into work, so she was starting breakfast off with a glass of 'water', which was her cover for drinking vodka at six in the morning. She frowned. "You look terrible. You need real food." She set her glass down and made her way slowly over to the fridge, pulling out leftovers. "Since I can't cook to save my life, we've got leftover.." she peered at the container. "Chicken and rice with basil." Raven was already fully dressed with weapons strapped on, but her cloak was on the kitchen counter next to her glass and her hair was down. She looked almost as exhausted as her mother. "You look like you have a headache," she said, pulling a potion from her unending pocket and upending it in a glass. "Drink," she held out the cup. "Pain reliever."
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